Imperative Sentences


Affirmative Imperative


Imperative sentences are formed by means of notion zi /let/:


Zi re me um. /Go to the house./


This sentence could be literally translated as "let going to the house be".


If it is necessary to specify the agent the possession relation is used:


Zi re anx, re me um. /Let father go to the house./

literally: /Let father's going to the house be./


The famous phrase "Let there be light" sounds in Yvle like this:


Zi iae. /Let there be light./


Word iae means "light".



Negative Imperative


Expression zi we /do not/ or notion ziw /don't/ are used to express the negative imperative:


Zi we re me um. /Do not go to the house./

Ziw re me um. /Don't go to the house./


Zi we uz nu non. /Do not do this./

Ziw uz nu non. /Don't do this./